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Simply Grateful

Simply Grateful includes the insights of a diverse audience who shares the top three things for which they are grateful.   These brief vignettes are designed as fuel to prompt and inspire the readers to log the top three things for which they are grateful, day-by-day, week-by-week until a routine exercise becomes a steadfast practice.  Inspired by the work of best-selling author, Shawn Achor, Mary Jane structured Simply Grateful as a springboard for applying the habits Shawn prescribes for achieving a more fulfilling life.

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According to research which Shawn Achor offers, our brains are wired to scan the environment for threats (i.e., the negative); however, with practice, we can retrain our brains to shift to the positive.  As an antidote, to our inherent negative tendencies, Achor suggests specific habits through which we can teach our brain to become more positive, among them, writing down three new things for which we are grateful each day.  Therein lies the foundation for Simply Grateful.

Throughout Simply Grateful you will find gratitude with which you can, no doubt, identify.  Laced among that which you may expect are delightful surprises expressed in eloquent terms with heartfelt gratitude.

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